About my1shirt

Fifty-three seconds. It’s not a very long time. In 53 seconds, you could send 15 text messages, watch a viral YouTube video, tie your shoes, or order a latte. But on June 12, 2010, 53 seconds changed a nation. It only took 53 seconds for a 7.0 earthquake to shatter the nation of Haiti. In 53 seconds, 105,000 homes were destroyed, 220,000 lives were lost and there were 52,000 new orphans without a mother or father, a place to live or food to eat. That’s almost 1000 new orphans per second.

But all of that is changing! Thanks in part to Convoy of Hope and Speed the Light, now those orphans are being housed, fed, clothed, and led into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Convoy and STL, 84,000 orphans per day in Haiti are being fed.

That’s were you come in! Wearing 1 shirt for 1 month can feed 1 of these children for 1 year. The concept is simple:

  1. Purchase a shirt for $10
    You will wear the shirt during the daytime, but not when different dress is required or when a t-shirt would be unacceptable.
  2. Wear that shirt every day for 1 month in order to:
    • Personally identify with the needs of these children (some have only 1 shirt)
    • Raise awareness of the need
    • Raise funds
  3. Get sponsors to sponsor you during that time.
    The goal is for everyone to raise at least $120 (which will feed 1 child for 1 year)

  4. my1shirt is where students, pastors, and leaders commit to wear a "my1shirt," everday for a month. 

    We are currently partnering with Convoy of Hope to purchase Speed the Light vehicles for both Haiti and Nicaragua. According to Convoy, STL is a crucial part of the food distribution for feeding these children, saying that “90% of what we do through Convoy of Hope is made possible through Speed the Light.”

    WHEN DOES my1shirt START?

     My 1 Shirt starts on September 1st

    WHEN DOES my1shirt END?

    My 1 Shirt ends on September 30th


    If you are a part of a group raising money, have everyone turn in their money to your youth pastor to turn in to the STL Office.

    NC Youth
    Attn: Speed the Light
    PO Box 459
    Selma, NC 27576

    Courtney's Story

    Courtney Olson was a junior in high school when, at the beginning of 2010, she sensed God speaking to her about setting a Speed the Light (STL) goal of $10,000. She had no idea how she was going to raise the money, so she prayerfully brainstormed about creative ways to reach her goal. The one-month t-shirt concept was born. Courtney decided to have a special STL t-shirt made and wear it for one month straight. Thirty of her friends joined her effort. They collected donations daily or asked for one donation for the entire thirty-day period. In 2010, she raised $3,000.

    Though she did not reach $10,000, she decided to go for the same amount in 2011. However, she implemented some changes to her strategy. She asked her youth leaders if there was a STL project that was associated with ministry to those involved in human trafficking. The team chose to focus on Project Rescue, a ministry to women and children in sexual slavery that focuses on providing physical, emotional, and spiritual rescue, as well as, holistic restoration. STL provides vehicles used by Project Rescue.

    Courtney recruited 178 friends (both high school and college, saved and unsaved) to participate in wearing a STL t-shirt for a month. Each participant was required to pay $20 for the cost of the shirt, but an anonymous donor committed to pay back the $20 if students raised $100 or more. Before the group even started asking for donations, she had already matched her previous year’s STL total!

    Students were divided into smaller groups so Courtney did not have to manage the entire group on her own. They met weekly at Centennial High School and Emmanuel Christian Center in Spring Lake Park, MN, to collect money and engage participants in the heart behind the project. Each student had the opportunity to hear and learn of God’s love for people and His desire for the lost to return to Him. At one of the meetings Courtney even presented the Gospel story, knowing that not all of the participants had made decisions to follow Christ.

    Through her efforts many students came to know the love of God, and $16,957 was raised for STL in just one month. Even more incredible, because of her heart and passion for missions, in two years (but technically two months) she raised almost $20,000! Courtney is impacting the world and is an encouragement to everyone she meets. When students participate in STL, they too have the opportunity to see God do the miraculous.